I support Jamie Deonas 

I want to congratulate both Jamie and Shannon for getting to the runoff. I want to ask the people who supported me to support Jamie Deonas for the following reasons. First, following the election, I spoke with Jamie, and he has agreed to advocate for several of the issues at my campaign's heart. Second, like other voters, I am deeply concerned about Sharron Hogue's recent FEA I endorsement, considering they're an affiliate of the NFT and NEA. During the campaign, the FEA sent candidates two questionnaires, one specifically concerning a list of Governor DeSantis's policies and indicating whether we "supported or opposed" the various positions. It is common knowledge that the Teacher's union strongly opposes Governor DeSantis's agenda (rejecting CRT, guaranteeing curriculum transparency in classrooms, and rejecting lockdowns, among others). The FEA utilized these questionnaires to determine whether they would endorse a candidate. 
At its yearly annual meeting in 2021, the NEA adopted New Business Item 39, which essentially calls for the organization to defend the teaching of critical race theory. NEA asserts that CRT—encompasses anti-capitalism and is a vital tool for fostering "honesty" in K-12 education. During the FEA candidate forum, Mrs. Hogue stated," I am going to start with educators because that is my top priority." Mrs. Hogue has already begun promoting NEA agenda items, calling for a practice known as "inclusionary zoning," subsidized housing for educators, which amounts to social engineering. 
My wife and I recently had to drive 45 minutes to deliver our baby because the hospital, 5 minutes from our home, couldn't find an OBGYN to employ. Our local law enforcement is struggling to find new officers, and the stores that feed our community can't find workers. Is the solution subsidized housing for all of these groups of workers? What about our local men and women in the armed forces making the ultimate sacrifice? Do we prioritize teachers over these great patriots? Supporters of inclusionary zoning will argue that its developers will subsidize the cost. Did they subsidize the skyrocketing costs of building materials? Of course not. They passed the costs on to consumers, inflating housing costs for everyone. They will do the same if we impose this burden, or even worse, take their business elsewhere, resulting in a drop in inventory and an even less affordable housing market. 

It begins with "inclusionary zoning"; next, it's the next FEA/NFT/NEA agenda item, CRT. CRT is on the ballot in November for those that follow these things closely (which are few). If Shannon Hogue wins the runoff, that'll be a significant victory for the Progressive agenda in Nassau county.

My involvement moving forward

 I am creating a website ( dedicated to holding elected officials representing Nassau county accountable for their voting records. We need to ensure that Republican voters elect Conservatives rather than Liberals that run as Republicans because they know that is their only way to get elected in a deeply red district.
Elected officials will be assigned "Freedom grades" A-F on a 10-point grading scale. The scorecard will be distributed to all voters before an election. I plan to ask for volunteers from local government accountability organizations in Nassau county. Each individual will cover a particular group of all elected officials (County Commissioners, Fernandina Beach City Commissioners, School Board, etc.) This individual will track how representatives voted on issues that we determine as" key votes" Donations will be solicited to cover the costs of mailing quarterly or semi-annual report cards to registered voters. The report cards will list the grade of each of our representatives (based on their voting records). The objectives: create oversite and pressure elected officials to make the right decisions by holding them accountable. Second, educate voters along the way to avoid last-minute decisions to support a candidate based on obscure reasoning or make random selections on election day.

Please fill out your information on the contact form below if you want to be involved or receive updates on this project's progress. In addition, I ask that you please share this information with your family and friends to spread the word about new political accountability measures in Nassau County.

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